About Me

About ME

Ravi Shankar Sharma is an avid collector of British India, Republic India coins and North East India coins. With over a decade of experience in the field of Numismatics, he has been a beacon of inspiration among the collectors of both pre and post-independent India throughout the country and abroad. His knowledge about coins, which is enviable, has been properly utilized in books such as ‘Coinage of the Republic of India’ published in 1999 and ‘Standard Guide to Coin sets of India‘(2010), both first of its kind. Moreover, his vast knowledge has also contributed to the publishing of the reprint version of ‘South Asian Coins and Paper Money’ by Krause Publication, USA; a significant achievement. His regular articles contribute to various Newsletters and journals published by various Numismatic Societies across the country.

His practical knowledge of minting is also renowned. It was during a course conducted by ‘Center for Archeology Studies and Training’ (CAST) in the year 2004, he has physically demonstrated the detail process of the minting technology. He has also demonstrated different types of minting technology at Calcutta University, in Islamic history department and the ancient history department. Later on, he conducted the demonstrations at “Gyan Prabha” at Varanasi, Patna Museum, Indian Museum and several educational institutions.

A collector himself, he has a vast range of collection spreading across various subjects in the history of Indian Coinage. His popular collections are British India, Independent kingdoms of North East, covering Assam, Tripura, Cooch-behar, Jaintiapur including the rare coins from Manipur, coins of Bengal through the various periods. He is an inspiration in the world of Numismatic, where his passion towards the field and creating spreading awareness and knowledge are widely appraised.

He is the presently holding the post of Honourable Secretary of the Numismatic Society of Calcutta.